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You are curious or worried about a loved one or employee, and you want to know how to track a cell phone without them knowing. How would you do that? Fortunately tracking cell phones isn’t as futuristic or covert as it sounds. Common use methods to track a cell phone have been in existence since 2005.   Learn how to trace mobile phone calls, text messages, and even trace mobile phone gps locations in real time.

About Tracking a Cell Phone
Knowing how to track cell phones is simply knowing how to gather information from a target phone. Information gathering is done via software placed on the phone. This software combines two other commonly used software used today – data retrieval technology used by companies such as Google and Facebook, and phone apps such as those used to access MP3 and online browsing. This combination creates an app that is downloaded to the target phone and runs silently in the backround when the phone is active. The app will not show up in the running process list so the phone user has no knowledge of it being there; because of this feature the user will not try to hide information, and the software picks up predetermined requested data then sends it to an online database. You have access to the data through a user interface using a user name and password.

Using a Cell Phone Tracking App
Using a cell phone tracker effectively depends on the features required and the information you want to obtain. Various software vendors have different levels of technology and a range of available features. A few basic features included by nearly everyone include:
·    reading text and email messages
·    viewing contact information
·    viewing photos and videos
·    creating log history and time stamps that allow you to see dates, times, durations of contact as well as how often certain numbers make contact with the target phone

A few of the more advanced features you will find on some apps include:
·    SMS tracking and forwarding (depending on the software provider)
·    Call tracing and recording
·    Voicemail retrieval
·    Live call intercept (depending on the software provider)
·    Call blocking

Different purposes will determine how to track a cell phone without them knowing. Employers may only need basic features, while parents of teens may need some of the more advanced options. People on a budget might want a basic app such as that from Spy Bubble (a one time fee with monthly use charges), while others might want a 3 or 6 month license as offered by Mobile Spy. Phone Sheriff caters to parents while FlexiSpy and Stealth Genie cater to high-end users with multiple phones.

What About Tracking a Cell Phone Location
What about GPS tracking of cell phones? It is possible to track a cell phone location using these apps. Using GPS locations on a map you can figure out how to track cell phones quickly. In the user interface online you are provided with either a map area or coordinates linking to Google Maps (depending on the interface).

From there you can do any of the following depending on which provider you choose:
·    set predetermined alerts or updates showing where the phone has been during a given day
·    receive live real time updates (for more advanced options)
·    set predetermined boundaries and receive alerts when the phone crosses those boundaries
·    get a history of when and how long the phone was at any given location during the day

Using just the GPS feature helps you figure how to track a cell phone without them knowing. You already know the route, how long along the route and when they were there.

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In order to trace a cell phone location online, the only real thing you need is a web browser to access your account interface page. Any web browser will work, so the big three (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox) are all suited for it. It doesn’t matter if the machine you are using has Windows, Linux or Mac either; you can still trace the cell phone location online as long as you can get online. One last thing though is to make sure you have a good app installed on the phone first.

Access Cell Phone Location via Computers

To use the Internet to track a cell phone location, you must have the following:

  • Internet access with a good signal
  • Active account with a cell phone tracker service such as Spy Bubble or Stealth Genie
  • Your password to your interface page
  • Enough memory and space on your selected machine to download logs (you can also use a flash drive to move information directly to that for later viewing)

A note about public access computers; while you can use a cell phone tracker on a library computer or a shared computer, it is recommended that you download the information onto a flash drive as mentioned above so you don’t comprimise the phone to fraud or preditors. Make sure you clear the user history of the browswer before signing off of the computer also; hackers can potentially gain access to your account, and through that, the phone.

Trace a Cell Phone Location Online Using a Smartphone

This is another way to trace a cell phone without access to a computer. Smartphones have web browsers; with these web browsers you can log onto the cell phone tracking software account page and view the location. All you need is web access and a good signal to your phone to be in business.

The Free Cell Phone Tracker

There is no way to track a cell phone for free. To trace a cell phone location online you need a paid account to a reputable provider. If you want to find a cell phone location you want to download a suitable tracker app onto the phone as stated above. Every cell phone tracker worth anything is a paid service. Anything calling itself “free” will lead to spammers, scammers and unwanted floods of messages on both the phone and your email. You also might land on a page full of virus and malware.

Suitable Phone Tracking Apps

A few choice tracking apps are available if you are wondering how to track a cell phone location. Cell phone locator apps such as Spy Bubble are low key, and low cost with basic features such as text monitoring and itemizing of calls coming and going to specific numbers. Phone Sheriff is aimed at the parental market with features that allow you to listen in as a silent third party if you believe your child is in a potential trouble. MobiStealth is on the high end side with all the features of the previous two, plus the ability to record the phone call and location. A few apps, such as Mobile Spy allow you to determine preset boundaries where you are sent alerts if the phone leaves a specific geographic area. All of these are good tools if you want to trace a cell phone location online.


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Trace Mobile Phone If you want to trace mobile phone with BlackBerry Spy Software, there are certain things that you might want to keep in mind. For starters, when browsing around stores for BlackBerry Spy Software you will most certainly come across two types the stealth type of spy software and the non-stealth. Both of these spy software have similar features with the exception on how you can use them.

BlackBerry Spy Software that Can be Seen

The non-stealth BlackBerry Spy Software is capable of tracking someone’s location all the time and the other party knows about it. Among the uses of visible BlackBerry Spy Software include applications like social networking that allows the user to share where they are at the moment. This software is handy if you want to tag your friends and relatives using your BlackBerry. These applications can be bought from the BlackBerry store that is why they are considered to be the most popular spy apps for BlackBerry aside from the fact that they allow the user to inform their love ones where they are at the moment.

The only thing that sets this type of BlackBerry Spy Software from the rest is the fact that it is completely visible.

Hidden BlackBerry Spy Software

If you have a deeper reason why you want to get BlackBerry Spy Software then you might want to buy one that runs on stealth mode. Among the most common reasons why customers choose BlackBerry Spy Software that runs on stealth is probably because they want to catch a cheating spouse, keep an eye on their children, and even to see whether their employees are working while on duty. This type of BlackBerry Spy Software is not sold in BlackBerry stores and is usually priced higher compared to other BlackBerry applications.


The best thing about this software is that it is completely hidden which means your target wouldn’t know about being spied on. This is probably one of the best reasons why there are lots of customers out there who opt for this type of BlackBerry Spy Software because they are allowed to spy on someone with relative ease and without getting caught as well.

So, which one of these BlackBerry Spy Software do you think is right for you? The best way to determine this is to figure out what your reasons are for needing spy software and whether you want your target to know that they are being monitored or not. If your family is willing to be monitored then go ahead and get the visible version of BlackBerry Spy Software. On the other hand, if you want to catch someone in the act then the stealth version is highly recommended. Either way, any of these BlackBerry spy software are quite capable in providing you with enough information on your target without even having to pay a lot.

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Trace a Mobile Phone

Do you want to Trace a Mobile Phone by GPS to ensure that your children are safe while they are at their hobby classes or evening study classes?

You can make use of the extraordinary Cell phone GPS tracker to know the pinpoint location of your child within few seconds after installing the software on his or her cell phone. Using Trace a Mobile Phone by GPS Just download the software from the websites like Mobile Spy or Spy Bubble and install it on the cell phone to be tracked. Create a live account and get all tracking information with just a push of one button.

Easy to use and inexpensive cell phone GPS tracking is the latest technology with following features:

• Get the real time map along with the lost cell phone’s current location

• Get updates location history

• View the time, speed limit and the battery power of the cell phone

• Set geofence alerts too Quick retrieval of cell phone using Trace a Mobile Phone by GPS If you wish to regain your lost cell phone, then it is highly recommended that you use Trace a Mobile Phone by GPS to get hold of the thief.

Why don’t you take a look at the software program? Visit: Trace a Mobile Phone by GPS

The highly recommended cell phone finder will locate the phone or child in few seconds.

Learn more about the software.

Visit: Trace a Mobile Phone by GPS

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Mobile Phone Tracker

GPS mobile phone tracker is by far one of the best tools that you can use if you want to spy on your children or your employees. Did you know that you can trace mobile phones?  It may be that they are doing something suspicious behind your back and you would like to know what […]

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Cell Phone Tap

If you are looking for a way to monitor people who are close to you, why not trace a cell phone with Android cell phone tap? With this software, you will be able to keep track of your spouse, your children even your employees too.   Trace mobile phone locations in real time. Keep in mind […]

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