You are curious or worried about a loved one or employee, and you want to know how to track a cell phone without them knowing. How would you do that? Fortunately tracking cell phones isn’t as futuristic or covert as it sounds. Common use methods to track a cell phone have been in existence since 2005.   Learn how to trace mobile phone calls, text messages, and even trace mobile phone gps locations in real time.

About Tracking a Cell Phone
Knowing how to track cell phones is simply knowing how to gather information from a target phone. Information gathering is done via software placed on the phone. This software combines two other commonly used software used today – data retrieval technology used by companies such as Google and Facebook, and phone apps such as those used to access MP3 and online browsing. This combination creates an app that is downloaded to the target phone and runs silently in the backround when the phone is active. The app will not show up in the running process list so the phone user has no knowledge of it being there; because of this feature the user will not try to hide information, and the software picks up predetermined requested data then sends it to an online database. You have access to the data through a user interface using a user name and password.

Using a Cell Phone Tracking App
Using a cell phone tracker effectively depends on the features required and the information you want to obtain. Various software vendors have different levels of technology and a range of available features. A few basic features included by nearly everyone include:
·    reading text and email messages
·    viewing contact information
·    viewing photos and videos
·    creating log history and time stamps that allow you to see dates, times, durations of contact as well as how often certain numbers make contact with the target phone

A few of the more advanced features you will find on some apps include:
·    SMS tracking and forwarding (depending on the software provider)
·    Call tracing and recording
·    Voicemail retrieval
·    Live call intercept (depending on the software provider)
·    Call blocking

Different purposes will determine how to track a cell phone without them knowing. Employers may only need basic features, while parents of teens may need some of the more advanced options. People on a budget might want a basic app such as that from Spy Bubble (a one time fee with monthly use charges), while others might want a 3 or 6 month license as offered by Mobile Spy. Phone Sheriff caters to parents while FlexiSpy and Stealth Genie cater to high-end users with multiple phones.

What About Tracking a Cell Phone Location
What about GPS tracking of cell phones? It is possible to track a cell phone location using these apps. Using GPS locations on a map you can figure out how to track cell phones quickly. In the user interface online you are provided with either a map area or coordinates linking to Google Maps (depending on the interface).

From there you can do any of the following depending on which provider you choose:
·    set predetermined alerts or updates showing where the phone has been during a given day
·    receive live real time updates (for more advanced options)
·    set predetermined boundaries and receive alerts when the phone crosses those boundaries
·    get a history of when and how long the phone was at any given location during the day

Using just the GPS feature helps you figure how to track a cell phone without them knowing. You already know the route, how long along the route and when they were there.

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